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First of all i want to thank you for giving us this opportunity to contact you. My question is about the presence of the proteine in the urin i want to know the causes and the effects, further more; i would like to inform you that my mother follows a traitement of corticoide- pricortyl and that affects a lot her health.she eats foods with no suger no more sold. Finally I want to know if it's possible to sent the medical file to consult you and how much the traitment cost? thanks again.

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Good morning,
The presence of proteine in the urin can be owed has a dysfunction of kidneys, a hypertension, or urinary infection. In the worst of cases, it succeeds has a renal illness or a dialysis. It is recommended to drink, and to be active (sports).
In this forum, you will be able.
In this forum, you will be able to have that evidence and advice. Alone a professional of health will be able to specify the treatment and price …

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est ce que vous avez des informations concernant l'albumine mais avec référence

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