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je connais pas boucoup le francais desolé
nous avons une fille qui la une atrophi musculaire aigue
fille de 9 mois
voile le diagnostique en anglais
Clinical presentation: the patient is a 7-month-old Saudi female who is the product of a full – term pregnancy and normal spontaneous vaginal delivery with good apgar scores. The day after brith, the patient was discharged home in good condition with the mother. At the age of 3 months, the patient was admitted to the ward with the history of bronchiolitis. At that time, the patient was found to have hypotonia all over the b o d y with tongue fasciculations and areflexia in the lower and upper limbs a genetic study was requested for spinal muscular atrophy, which came back positive. Since that time, the patient had repeated admissions to the hospital due to bronchiolitis and bronchopneumonia, and each time she required ventolin nebulizers and frequent suctioning. The patient's last admission was on 10 september 2009 due to the same complaints.
Currently, the patient ia in stable condition and not distressed. Oxygen saturation on room air is satisfactory. The patient is on nasogastric tube feedings, and the mother was instructed how to give the feedings. She ia on ventolin nebulizations 0.3 cc in 205 cc normal saline p.r.n
est ce que on peut guerir cette maladie
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