Cider vinegar, garlic, wine ... Discover 5 natural remedies to fight against the flies. 

[ENG] 5 natural ways to get rid of flies

To get rid of flies, we just have to use their sense of smell to make traps or repellents.


1. WINE 

How to do ? 

  1. Pour a half cup of wine in a glass 
  2. Add dish soap 
  3. Place the glass strategically 

Once the flies fallen in the glass, they can't escape from it anymore. 



How to do ? 

  1. Realize a garlic decoction 
  2. Place the liquid on the windows outline 



How to do ? 

  1. Warm up cider vinegar 
  2. Place it in a jar with a lid 
  3. Make big enough holes in the lid so that the flies can enter it

Attracted by the vinegar smell, the flies will enter the jar and once inside, they will be trapped and won't be able to get out anymore. 



How to do ? 

  1. Pour 10 to 12 drops of citronella essential oil in a spray 
  2. Complete with hot water 
  3. Mix 
  4. Then pulverize your doors and windows with this mixture 



How to do ? 

  1. Plant cloves in 1 onion or 1 lemon 
  2. Place it in the concerned room



Although these products are natural, be careful when you use them. 
In case of contact with eyes or mouth, rinse out with clear water. 

Photo credits : 
Dirty Common housefly eating, Musca domestica, isolated - Eric Isselée -
Wine spill in glass -  dimasobko -
Fresh garlic isolated on white background - sripfoto -
Apfelsaft - Hetizia -
Aloysia citrodora Zitronenstrauch Алоизия трёхлистная - Comugnero Silvana -
oignon piqué de clous de girofle - Claude Calcagno - 

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